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Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms; IBS, headaches, tiredness, depression, fatigue, skin problems, mood swings, bloating, hormonal symptoms, irritable, digestive problems, gut spasms, stress, skin rashes, eczema, muscle pain, acne, flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, water retention, palpitations? If you suffer from 1 or more of these symptoms it could be connected to specific foods you are eating.

Intolerance Testing
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Have you spent most of your life in and out of diets that maybe work for a while but then you slip back into your old ways of eating and the weight piles back on again? Or have you suddenly put on a bit of weight and can't seem to shift it? Let me help.
Whatever the reasons are for your unwanted weight gain I can help change the way you think and feel about food and exercise.

Weight Management
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Nutritional Advice
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